Posted by: David Stewart | September 12, 2008


I just hit a personal milestone on my work blog. Two years to the day of posting there. 100 blog posts, about one per week.

It's kind of fun to think about some of the changes over the past two years:

  • My friend Matt Singley was still in Oregon, and I can remember chatting with him about my work blog over drinks at Coffee People in Beaverton. Now Matt is in LA and Coffee People is only at the Portland Airport.
  • I was in a different job when I started the work blog. My work is now totally different but really enjoyable still. I'm a very fortunate person.
  • Back then, I could still read Laura's blog. No longer!
  • Having discovered Google Reader, it's a lot easier for me to follow a ton of blogs in record time. I'm a more efficient reader now.
  • I really hate writing blog entries. The user interfaces available for writing a blog really are terrible. I think I would love to just write some HTML in a text file and just mail it to a blog system. I'm sure that this must be possible with some blog systems, but not the ones I use daily.

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