Posted by: David Stewart | October 30, 2008

Food in Korea

(I recently returned from a little trip to Seoul and Taipei, some photos and thoughts here). Seoul food This is actually a personal milestone for me! I made a trip to Seoul, South Korea about 18 years ago and have not been back since then. In that trip, I really enjoyed Korean BBQ, which are thin strips of meat that you cook at your table. But there is one other popular dish that I absolutely failed to appreciate – in part because it is topped with a raw egg. So I was intensely committed to getting it this time. I had lots of different meal experiences when I was in Seoul this time – Mexican food, steaks (Outback), but finally got the courage to go to a little place in Insadong which was recommended by Lonely Planet. Seoul Traditional meals in Korea come with a number of side dishes, and usually comes with Kimchee, the spicy pickled cabbage and chili dish. This particular dish, which I think is called bibimbap, came in a hot stone bowl with brown rice in the bottom, topped with various veggies and raw meat, with the raw egg on top. Mixing up the ingredients in the hot bowl causes the ingredients to sizzle and cook, so there was not too much of a truly “raw” experience. And it was good! I came away fully satisfied with my meal. Korean food – conquered! Seoul Insadong is a nice little area of Seoul with tons of shops and restaurants, like this place which makes dumplings.. Seoul Insadong The final thought on food is here in the National Museum, which shows a couple which has reached the ripe old age of 60! They are honored by their children with a humungous meal – note all of the stacks and stacks of foods in front of them, I suspect which are shared by all of the guests! Seoul Museum



  1. great pictures dave! thanks for sharing them.

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