Posted by: David Stewart | October 31, 2008

Food in Taiwan

(I recently returned from a little trip to Seoul and Taipei, some photos and thoughts here).

I didn’t have as much of a worry about eating the local chow in Taiwan. I have been visiting mainland China quite a few times over the past few years, so I was more or less prepared. But I was really surprised at the huge variety of food in Taipei. There are an amazing number of restaurants, all of which seem to be full every night!

night market, Taipei

For a really good time, you have to experience the street food that flows through the collection of night markets in Taipei. I went to one night market near Taiwan Normal University. There were a number of stalls like the above, where you pick your various meats and veggies, they put the food in a basket and boil them for a while.

night market, Taipei

Here’s another night market option. Above, you have the whole family making up dumplings (“pot stickers”) to be fried up.

night market, Taipei

Or what about the Malaysian option, where they make a huge wok full of chicken and rice with sauce. At your request, they scoop up some fresh veggies, scoop on the hot food, and there you go!

Insomnia Coffee Shop, Taipei, Taiwan

Well, maybe after all that good food, you just want to relax in the coffee shop; here is one called “Insomnia”.

night market, Taipei

Or maybe you just need some chocolate, eh? Well, I have to confess that I didn’t attempt eating in the night market, seemed just a tiny bit sketch for me. Instead, I found a teeny little Mediterranean place recommended in Lonely Planet:

Humous and pita in Taipei

Yes, it was tasty pitas, and I saw another Middle-eastern place near the night market as well as an Indian place. My favorite in Taipei was a dark and trendy black-on-black decor place called “Very Thai.”

Very Thai restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan

The dishes were heavenly – spicy ground chicken stir dry and green beans. Yum!

Very Thai restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan

On my way to find this place, I bumped into an Italian place which seemed quite serviceable in a pinch. But the most popular kind of restaurant seemed to be the bakery… unfortunately, I can find none of the photos I took of the bakery I ate at in Ximen, or the Long Shan Temple. I think they somehow got erased.



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