Posted by: David Stewart | November 26, 2008

Sliced, diced, and off of running

I have been struggling with how much to write about this, since it verges on the “too much information” side of blogging.

But since this blog is titled “Running in the Rain”, I’m committed to blogging occasionally on the things which affect running without getting too obsessive about it.

So two weeks ago exactly, I was lying on a bed in Portland’s Saint Vincent Hospital, having my abdomen shaved by one guy while another guy taped down my IV line (and drew a smiley face on the tape) and a woman injected me with some relative of the valium family and, well, after that I kinda blacked out.

Let me back up a bit – I saw my doctor a couple of weeks ago because my daughter was concerned that I had lost too much weight and maybe was sick. Doctor sort of smirks at me (I have lost 45 pounds since the last time I was in his office three years ago), says people usually don’t come in for this kind of complaint. Anyway, I show him this other thing, and he says, “Yes, we should get that taken care of.”

Four days later I am meeting with a surgeon and five days after that, I’m going under the knife.
I was into the hospital by 5:30AM and home by 3:30PM. New zipper in the abdomen, pain meds, stay still for two days, no driving for a week, no lifting more than 15 pounds for three weeks.


That’s the part that really stings. I really only had about three to five days needing the pain meds, and I was able to take pretty long walks after that.

Today I had my two-week follow-up appointment with the surgeon. Everything seems to be healing up fine. (Although he did jam his finger into a particularly sensitive spot today, and now I’m back to taking some Advil.)

I’m not sure how I’m going to stay off running for another two weeks…



  1. Well you could just not take your running shoes on your business trip and just swim when you are able…
    Just a thought…

  2. Hey Deb! Happy Thanksgiving.

    Swim? Some other sport where people drown I think.

    Running shoes will facilitate walking, and I hit the “4 weeks out” point while I’m in China. So I could start running again on this upcoming trip.

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