Posted by: David Stewart | December 6, 2008

Movie Quick Hits

Movies I saw on the flight from San Francisco to Tokyo:

Bottle Shock – A really delightful movie, based on the true story of the first blind tasting between California wines and French wines in 1976 – and how the Californians won in spite of French disdain. Alan Rickman, who eats up bad guy parts for dinner (eg, as Snape in the Harry Potter movies) plays the British wine snob who hosts the contest versus Bill Pullman as the hobby vintner who defies the world.

Journey to the Center of the Earth – There were two Brendon Frasier movies on the flight, this one and the latest installment in The Mummy franchise. Many of the shots seem really weird, until you remember that the movie was designed to be shown in 3D. A nice turn from Saturday Night Live

veteran Seth Meyers as a power-grabbing university official who wants to shut down Frasier’s lab to get more storage space.

Mama Mia – Oh my, not being an ABBA fan, what was I to expect? Certain Broadway musicals have translated really well to the big screen, and you would think that having this great cast romping and dancing and singing on a Greek island, you would be in for a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the fun seems a little forced, and Pierce Brosnan should not be permitted to sing unless it’s in a pub and accompanied by drink.


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