Posted by: David Stewart | December 10, 2008

Movie Quick Hits

Next(2007) – Nicholas Cage stars as a clairvoyant who can see two minutes into his personal future. Constraining himself to being a two-bit Vegas magician to avoid being discovered, Cage is swept up by two unusual developments: a pending nuclear detonation in Los Angeles, and a girl (Jessica Biels) who extends his prophetic ability beyond two minutes. There are some good action turns as Cage’s character leverages his limited foreknowledge to good effect. There is a big plot twist to cap off this fast-paced movie. Julianne Moore, who is my age and died much too quickly in Children of Men plays a no-nonsense kick butt FBI agent. A good popcorn movie, out on DVD in US and in theaters this month in China.

A River Runs Through It (1992) – OK, I said it before, I am not an early adopter. I never wanted to see this movie before because it seemed anathema to me – a “guy” movie with no action? That focuses on feelings? It’s like a chick flick for guys. No, thank you. But I saw it recently for free on recently. If you are in the US, this works for you (but not outside the US, then you need to go for it on DVD). Actually I am maybe old enough to consider why I don’t get along with my dad as well as I should. This deals with fathers and sons and the inability to communicate truth. Rather how they communicate through shared activities. Engaging stuff. Worth a view if you are a guy. Brad Pitt shows he is a true movie star, even in 1992.


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