Posted by: David Stewart | January 10, 2009

Don’t Lose That Post – an experiment in blog writing

Admit it – you been bitten. Me too. You’re typing away at your latest blog post, and suddenly the clouds open, the sun shines and your thoughts seem inspired, cogent, readable and fascinating.  You hit the publish key and…

The browser crashes.

Or maybe the computer crashed or there is a website error. No matter, your Pulitzer-winning prose is history. There is no hope to recover it. You kick yourself, sigh and tell yourself you will never, ever, ever type a post again into the browser.  It’s just too painful to lose it.

There are alternatives, of course. A word processor like Open Office or Microsoft Word will let you do offline editing, and copy-paste the text into the browser. But a lot of times when I am editing in HTML, Word will replace my double quote characters or try to auto-capitalize or spell-check when it’s not needed. A dead-simple text editor like Windows Notepad has its issues too.

One of the downsides to blogging is that there are just too many barriers to the act of writing. The editing tools are different from any other writing, you need to be on a live internet connection to post, it’s painful.

I often wonder why you can’t set up WordPress to simply take a properly formatted email and make it into a blog post.  Is this too much to ask?

Anyway, I’m playing with Windows Live Writer, the recently released and free Microsoft tool. It allows offline blog writing, has plugins for Flickr Images, and seems to integrate with WordPress. So far, so good!  The Flickr interface will even let me resize the image, which is nice.

Multimedia message

(Above was snapped by Laura when we were in Chennai Masala when she snagged my cell phone away from me.  Definitely needs a haircut).

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  1. A blog editor is very, very handy. I’ve been bitten without one.

    Windows Live Writer is very good – probably the best one on Windows. My very favorite on (and one of my favorite pieces of software, period) is MarsEdit, a blog editor for Mac. It’s excellent.

    If you want to go platform-neutral, there’s a great Firefox add-on called ScribeFire. I use it mostly on netbooks, or systems other than my “main” machine, which is of course my Mac, where MarsEdit lives. 🙂

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