Posted by: David Stewart | January 13, 2009

The More Popular Dave Stewarts

I guess I must be more common than I thought.

This is not a complaint, really.  Here’s the setup… I do a “work” blog which all about boring technology topics. (I can hear my daughter complain now, “Yeah your personal blog is pretty boring too…” Gives me the warm fuzzies). 

Some of these blog entries take a lot of heart and effort.  Others I just toss off an idea or a newsy bit.  Sometimes its notes from a conference presentation or something from an email.

A couple of times, one of these “simple” posts have blown up and gone viral on me. It gets picked up and reposted to other sites and suddenly my words are all over the place.

The problem is that I never know that this is happening, unless I look for it.

Enter Google Alerts.  This is a nice feature from having a gmail account. I decided a few months ago that I would do a scan for “Dave Stewart” and “David Stewart”. Google then sends me a mail, summarizing the new blog entries or news items which mention my name.

Not surprising, there are other people known as Dave Stewart who are a lot more famous / notorious than me.  They include:

  • Former guitarist for the rock group Eurythmics.  Evidently he has just come out with a diamond studded sex toy.
  • A comic book colorist. I assume this means they color in the pictures? Famous for Hellboy
  • Member of the Tennessee Titans NFL Football team.
  • A member of parliament from the North of England
  • Former Oakland Athletics Hall of Famer

So if you ever want to Google me, don’t bother.  You’ll never find me!

(Once there was a guy at work who suggested I change my name to “Dweezel Stewart”. I have not followed this advice.)



  1. Ego searches are a vital tool for a blogger. I thought more people used them, but I guess I need to do more evangelism. 🙂

    Come by my desk some time, and I’ll show you how to expand your reach beyond what Google Alerts shows you (there’s more), and automate all of your alerts via feeds so that you always know what people are saying about you and when they link to you. It’s fun! 🙂

  2. That’s excellent – I will come by for sure.

  3. Dweezle, let me know what you learn from Bancroft.

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