Posted by: David Stewart | January 18, 2009

Where the cool kids hang out

Last month when I was in Tokyo for business, I was able to sneak out to see a few parts of town that I had never been to before. I had read about several of these spots in a recent New York Times travel section article. Not knowing when I might be back in Japan, I decided to forgo sleep in favor of some outings. Although Naka-Meguro had been mentioned in the article, I had heard about this neighborhood in other places. The area hugs both sides of a little stream, and I’m sure that the overhanging tree branches provide a cool respite during Tokyo’s muggy summer days. But a December evening in the pouring rain dampened some of my enthusiasm.


Cow books, Nakameguro, Tokyo

The Times was quite impressed with Cow Books in Naka-Meguro. I guess I was expecting a much larger store with at least some books in English. But the place is very small. I did however buy a Christmas gift for Laura – a little hand bag emblazoned with "Cow Books Naka-Meguro". Hope she likes it.

Nakameguro, Tokyo

The area does have a lot of trendy little shops, like this one with a motorcycle theme. I thought it was pretty funny that they had a poster in the front window from a Brian Seltzer concert in Portland, Oregon.

Nakameguro, Tokyo

In the theme of "serious hair care", I loved this hair salon in the neighborhood… a mostly empty warehouse looking space with isolated little stations for the stylist. Hair salon in Nakameguro, Tokyo Yes indeed, where the cool kids hang out!


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