Posted by: David Stewart | January 20, 2009

Getting to a Zero Carbon Footprint

After a mere 28 hours of travel time yesterday, and I was translated from winter in Portland, Oregon to 85 degree Singapore, sniffing the cannonball tree blossoms and sweating through my shirt.

Nearly 20 hours of my travel time was on long-haul wide-body jets. I often think about the gallons of jet fuel required to move me and my fellow travelers to the other side of the planet. And of course, the tons of carbon produced.

I heard Will.I.Am (from the Black Eyed Peas) being interviewed Saturday about his very inspirational song, “Yes We Can” and asked about what issues are important to him in the new administration. Environmentalism was top on his list.

After all, he drives a Tesla, an electric car that goes as fast as his Bentley. Further, when he gets solar cells installed on his house, he will have a zero carbon footprint.

I suppose that would be possible for Will.I.Am if he never traveled on a jet to a concert venue. If he never stayed in a hotel room on the power grid. Never bought food at a restaurant or grocery store.

The reality is that our species is carbon addicted. We can’t get away from it unless we check out to a remote island and eat local fish and coconuts.


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