Posted by: David Stewart | January 22, 2009

A cold day in Beijing

I was in Beijing last month, and was at loose ends on a Sunday afternoon there. So I thought I would walk around the north part of town to see some things I have missed in previous trips. Jin Ding Xuan Restaurant, Beijing I started at Jin Ding Xuan, my favorite Dim Sum restaurant, close to the entrance to Ditan Park. I didn’t know it before, but "Jin Ding Xuan" apparently means "Golden Tripod Attic". Not sure what that has to do with Chinese dumplings. Lama Temple, Beijing I walked south past the Lama Temple, but decided not to tour through it. Then I crossed the street and turned west to walk through a Hutong. The hutongs are subject of a bit of controversy as Beijing has grown and modernized. These courtyard homes were considered substandard by the government and most of them were bulldozed to make way for apartment buildings and office buildings. Hutong, Beijing I guess I can understand how they might seem somewhat dilapidated, but these homes still have a lot of people living there, mixed with shops and food stalls. Several places had telephones out on the street for public use. Bell and Drum Tower, Beijing After many blocks of hutongs, I pass the Drum and Bell Towers (above). These date back to ancient times in the Chinese empire, but were made infamous in the recent Beijing Olympics as the location where the USA volleyball coach’s family members were attacked. Shi Cha Hai Lake, Beijing I made it over to some of the lakes which are north of the Forbidden City. By now, the serious cold of this December afternoon was starting to grip me. The lakes were partially frozen. I pitied the poor couple below who were getting their wedding pictures taken. Bitter cold, sharp wind, formal dress, fun times! Bride and groom photo near Shi Cha Hai Lake, Beijing


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