Posted by: David Stewart | January 24, 2009

Mega prosperity – Just more to love

“Gong Hay Fat Choy” was a phrase I had always thought was Chinese “happy new year”, and drilled it into my permanent memory. Once I began traveling to mainland China, I learned that the more Mandarin version would be “Gong Xi Fa Cai”.

But then I’m told, this means “Happy new year and make a lot of money.”

OK, not a bad wish I guess, but it didn’t strike me so much until I saw this ad in the Straights Times in Singapore:

Abundance. Prosperity. Fortune.

Have it all with your OCBC Credit Card.


Huh?  How is a credit card supposed to bring you all of these things?

Actually if you read the body of the ad, charging to your card provides you with a free can of New Moon Abalone and a chance at winning S$8,888. So I suppose the promise could be considered literally true.

Then I noticed that Singapore McDonalds is now serving a new sandwich:

The Mega Prosperity Burger


There you go, wealth from a sandwich. Well, when I read it more closely, it’s called the “Mega Beef Prosperity Burger” but you can see how I was confused.

That’s OK.  When I was flying home through SeaTac airport, a Burger King there was advertizing a double-beef burger saying

Just More to Love


I had always heard that this being said to people who ate a few too many burgers: “There’s just more of you to love.”

Happy Chinese New Year!


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