Posted by: David Stewart | January 30, 2009

A Even Dirtier Hotel

Rudy Maxa is a famed public radio and television travel guru.  On his blog, I noted a reference to a TripAdvisor post on the 10 Dirtiest Hotels in the United States for 2009, and similar “top 10” lists for different parts of the world, like Asia (Pacific).

Good to know, particularly if you are planning budget travel someplace.

I have friends who really swear by TripAdvisor. Friends claim that this is the most important resource for them as they plan future travel.  TripAdvisor provides a forum for people to log their travel experiences. This provides a “pay it forward” service for future travelers.

I really don’t use TripAdvisor. I’m one of those “old school” travelers. When I am headed away from home, I usually make a trip to Powell’s Books or Barnes & Nobel and browse through the travel section. Lonely Planet is my preferred publisher, with their usual mix of useful information and hip irreverence.

Let’s be clear – I really value Web 2.0 tools like Wikipedia to accelerate the flow of knowledge from experts to those who could benefit from it.  The democratization of knowledge is an amazing development.  So long as we’re careful to ensure that the “information” is accurate, there should be no reason why Wikipedia should not exceed the value of a paper encyclopedia.

I don’t particularly like the site layout of TripAdvisor – a little too messy and crowded – but there is a lot of value there.

Now, with all of the super nice hotels I have stayed in, there were a few gems that didn’t make it on these “world’s dirtiest list. For example, I remember an airport hotel in Nanjing, where I rubbed my wet towel on the carpet and it came up black. Or the hotel in Burma where you keep the bathroom door closed so the cockroaches don’t come in your room. Ah, those make for good stories!


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