Posted by: David Stewart | February 14, 2009

Who Am I Supposed to Be? (Movie Review | “Coraline”)

Sometimes you feel like things just don’t fit.

Maybe it’s because you are in a new school or a new job. Perhaps it’s because your family just moved.  The initial excitement of change has worn off, and you feel like you are not a good fit into your own life.

Local Oregon filmmaker Laika delivers their first feature length film under the ownership of Nike CEO Phil Knight, called “Coraline”. The former Will Vinton Studios, who brought us the California Grape commercials takes stop-motion animation to an amazing height.

Our heroine is a girl on the verge of young adulthood who suffers from an array of identity problems – people keep mispronouncing her name, she has been displaced to rainy Oregon, her parents are consumed with their jobs and her neighbors are a collection of nutballs.

All of this changes when Coraline discovers a door into an alternate reality, one which offers her a new identity. Will she assume a new identity? Or decide to grow into her real self? Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she must travel the yellow brick road to find out.

Coraline is a technical and artistic masterpiece.  The 3D effects are engaging and make the movie more engaging. They avoided using most of the silly stunts you often see in 3D movies (things flying at you or sticking out of the screen).

The story has a dream-state quality, with episodes of happiness and some of nightmare.

The visual and story aspects probably make this movie too intense for children under 8.



  1. It was a good movie…a little freaky tho lol

  2. Do you think it would be easy to follow, as a hearing impaired person, or better to wait until it is rentable with closed captioning? Some animated pics are so visually rich that it is easy to follow the story without text, others not so much.

  3. @melinda You could probably appreciate the movie without hearing the words, some of the subtle story lines might not be apparent. It’s certainly visually rich, for sure.

  4. ok, going… soon…

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