Posted by: David Stewart | March 1, 2009

China quick-takes

davest just returned from China. Quick takes:

  • This is Trip #23 for me to China. ‘Nuf said.
  • I realized that I have slept more in my regular Shanghai hotel (The Renaissance Yangtse) than in anyplace that I have not had a permanent address. (But it can’t compare to three years living in the dorm in college, right?)
  • I’m terrible at blogging when I’m in China. I try to blame it on the fact that Running in the Rain is inaccessible from behind the Great Firewall of China. The reality though is that jet lag usually has me so messed up that I lack the energy to create coherent words outside of actually working, which is my primary reason for being there.
  • China Daily,the English language organ of official state media still cracks me up when I compare their coverage / viewpoint with the New York Times online. Example: a three page spread (in about a 10 page newspaper) giving the full text of a Chinese government report on all of the human rights abuses in the United States. This is of course timed to coincide with China being listed as a rights violator by a UN organization. This probably deserves its own post, but my China visa is up for renewal and I don’t want to mess that up.
  • I spent about the last day and trip home with my friend Ralph Henkhaus, the guy who hired me at my current company, 12 years ago last month. Ralph is a fantastic source of wise management advice. Told him again how grateful I was that he hired me, back in ’97.
  • I am now so accustomed to saving money and personal energy on travel to China that it’s hard to synch up with someone else. Deb reminds me that this is why it is sometimes hard on the family for me to travel with them.

More photos and stories to come.


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