Posted by: David Stewart | April 4, 2009

Bangkok Relaxation

Deb and I had a free day in Bangkok to relax, sort out our bodies’ reaction to jet lag, and just have some fun in one of our favorite cities before heading over to Myanmar.

Bangkok visit March 2009

So yes, there was some swimming pool lazing to do. Actually, it got so cool in the afternoon that we didn’t feel like spending too much time in the pool. Surprising, since it’s the hot season in Southeast Asia. So it was more of a hot tub laze.

Bangkok visit March 2009 Bangkok visit March 2009 Bangkok visit March 2009 Bangkok visit March 2009

Bangkok is fun for its food, flowers and fast pace. And, well it’s exotic enough that it’s a fun departure from our normal pasty American existence. Recently, Deb and I read the recent police thrillers "Bangkok 8" and "Bangkok Tattoo" which explore the seedy side of Bangkok police corruption and prostitution. Actually, most of this aspect of the city is really invisible to visitors unless you look for it, and then I suppose every city has its grim side.

Bangkok visit March 2009 Bangkok visit March 2009

In our previous visits, we felt like we had seen most of the tourist destinations that we really wanted to visit. One thing we had missed before was the Jim Thomson House, which was within walking distance of our hotel (the Petburi Centrepointe).

Thomson was an American agent of the OSS (predecessor to the CIA) who was in World War II, but moved to Bangkok after the war and popularized Thai silk to the world.

Thomson cobbled together this house from six other traditional Thai houses that he moved from other cities. Then he filled them with traditional furniture and artwork. A fascinating and fun look at this unusual man. Well worth the visit.

And, the Thai shopping mall buffet lunch and dinner at favorite Thai place Once Upon a Time gave us a good Thai food fix. Deb got a foot massage too, one of her favorite things to do!

More photos at my Flickr set.



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