Posted by: David Stewart | May 4, 2009

Learning to Play with Someone Else (Movie Review | ”The Soloist”)

The down and out. Maybe you try to pretend they are not there, I know I do. Perhaps you moved to the suburbs to convince yourself that they don’t exist, but they do. They even camp out in the bushes in Beaverton, coming out to sign on our on-ramps.

The Soloist is the story of Steve Lopez, played by Robert Downey, Jr, a columnist with the LA Times, a man with a voice, who who befriends Nathaniel Ayers, played by Jamie Foxx, a man of the street.  By befriending and writing about Ayers, Lopez encounters a strange mix – homelessness, Beethoven and the power of the divine.  Ayers was once a promising cellist whose story leads him to the streets instead of the concert hall. Lopez finds him there, playing music on the sidewalks of Skid Row.

But they are each soloists in a way, playing their solitary tunes. Until they find a way to weave their solos together.

It seems like a movie about the homeless would be pretty depressing, and there are a few moments which are not pretty. But in the end, there is hope in the midst of this insurmountable issue.

I thought the performances of Foxx and Downey were Oscar-worthy. Of course, this early in the season, they will probably be lost in the shuffle come awards time. I hope not.

You should see this movie. And learn to how to play a duet.



  1. love this… thanks for joining us last night. was it SO bad to hang out with the girls?

  2. Heck, no. Just don’t tell anyone or more guys will want to come.

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