Posted by: David Stewart | June 14, 2009

Best food in Beaverton

Having lived in Beaverton since 1984, I can safely say that my expectations are not set too high.

I can remember my first visit to Portland Saturday Market in ‘84, watching a comedy-juggling act perform. The one bit of banter I recall:

Guy 1: “If you’re bad, you know where you go when you die?”

Guy 2:

Ouch. But seriously, folks, this is a town where you will see your waitress at Denny’s march the next day in the town parade. Where the biggest controversy in our history was the mayor’s failed attempt to annex the land where corporate giant Nike has corporate headquarters.

But maybe we have a decent place to eat, at last.

Don’t get me wrong – we have some wonderful ethnic food here, and Hall Street Grill has continued to please over the years with its fresh list. But we have really lacked a first-class place with a personal touch.

I’m pleased to say that Decarli on Watson avenue may be the place. When my older sister and her husband came to visit from Colorado, we took in their Sunday brunch, and we had some serious problems choosing from a variety of terrific options. Our meals were amazing, and held a lot of promise for a dinner visit.

The setting is an old building in the "old town" section of Beaver-burg, just off of Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway. The restoration of the space is spare and the appointments are tasteful. The menu was creative with such choices as breakfast pizza, or breakfast rissoto. I had a hash with sweet potatoes, home fries, a little onion and a soft-cooked egg. A perfect balance of flavors.

This development bodes well for B-town – check it out!


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