Posted by: David Stewart | July 23, 2009

Getting a tattoo at #oscon

Getting a tattoo at #oscon, originally uploaded by davest.

Amazing. Guy getting a free tattoo at the #Sourceforge party at #oscon .#ccalive

Edited to add: This was the scene last night at a free party here last night in San Jose. The venue was a place called “The Agenda Lounge” on 1st street downtown San Jose – three floors of thumping music, free food and drinks, wandering videographers broadcasting various scenes in the party to big screen TVs scattered around.

And tattoos.  They had three artists serving up free tatts to party goers.  Hang on, permanent tattoos?  Yes, these were permanent, and some looked pretty elaborate. Company logos were popular like Twitter, or the Linux penguin Tux.  I saw the schematic symbol for the transistor being applied to one shoulder.

According to the person wrangling the release form, this is about a $200 to $300 value, for free.

No, I didn’t get any ink last night. I settled for a free fancy backpack full of geek stuff from Think Geek.


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