Posted by: David Stewart | August 12, 2009

Running in the Rain: Extreme Edition

After a month of dry weather, the Portland area is trying to catch up on our rain. It rained all night last night. This afternoon, we had a bunch of showers.

Because of a poor night’s sleep, I had to defer my daily run to this evening after work. (About 6 miles at 8:19 minute per mile pace). It was great to open up the pace a little after very little running in the month of July. I had developed a bum hamstring just before the 4th of July, and finally got the green light from my chiropractor to open ‘er up.

So after a humid day, I was happy to have some sprinkles when I started out on my run.

If you care to ask, I’ll tell you that if you want to run in Oregon, you need to learn to run in the rain. I have also been known to say something stupid like “running in the rain is what we do in Oregon between cups of coffee.”

But the rain in Oregon is usually not torrential. I have been known to run in some horizontal rain in winter, but that’s pretty rare.

But after a couple of miles, the skies opened up and all of the water in the world dumped on my head. After a while, I looked like I had just climbed out of the pool with my running stuff on.

But other than a little more chafing than usual, it was a fine run, if a bit extreme, and the hamstring is happy!


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