Posted by: David Stewart | September 3, 2009

My recession taste in wine

As I wrote in this earlier post, we recently rediscovered the wines and wineries of our home in Oregon. For years, I have been mostly drinking red wines from Chile, after a business trip there introduced me to the great tasting wines there. And since my local Costco sells them at a great price, I was pretty happy.

But for our anniversary trip this summer, it was fun to see all of the change in the local wine industry and how "up scale" it had become.

But last week, we had some folks come over for a simple pasta dinner, and someone suggested we have some red wine. So I intended to open one of our acquisitions from the recent trip. But as I was searching for the right bottle to crack open, I noticed a bottle of California Zinfandel called "Painter Bridge" with unknown origin. I have been quite impressed by the full-bodied Zins I have had recently, so thought I would give it a taste.

Well it was terrific, and right in line with my taste in wine. A few days later, I was hunting through the wine section in our local grocery store, and I found the same wine… priced at $7.00!

So at the dinner, I opened both a Painter Bridge and a more expensive Oregon Claret. Imagine my surprise – some of our guests who expressed a preference liked the cheap Zin better than the Claret.

And I don’t think I’m the only one either. There are a couple of good reviews I found on the web here and here.

Painter Bridge is the lowest-end wine brand of the J. Lohr Vineyards. Perhaps it’s true that you can’t make a bad wine from California grapes, but this was impressive to me.

I guess my palette is stuck in the recession, which is I guess a good thing!


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