Posted by: David Stewart | October 15, 2009

Freedom has a price. And sometimes, ugly wallpaper

Our first-born daughter, Anne, is now in her third year of college in Eugene at the University of Oregon. She felt like it would be a good time to transition into an apartment instead of another year in the dorms.

Anne's apartment, Eugene, OR (Her dorm had a beautiful view of Haywood Field, but guess she’s not a big track fan).

The new place is probably circa 1950s.

Anne's apartment, Eugene, OR Which probably explains the look of the kitchen equipment.

She shares the apartment with two other people, so the living room and kitchen are shared.

Anne's apartment, Eugene, OR Anne's apartment, Eugene, OR Anne’s room itself is upstairs, and appears to be some converted attic space. Low ceiling, but it has some glowing stars stuck on there from the previous resident.

Anne's apartment, Eugene, OR And there appears to be an extra bed out on the enclosed porch, though it’s not totally clear to me if it’s used or not.

Anne's apartment, Eugene, OR

The first impression is a little sketchy though – the entry stairway has some of the worst wallpaper I have seen in my life outside a tawdry movie – foil wallpaper in a red and gold theme. Ew. I guess freedom sometimes comes with ugly wallpaper.



  1. UO actually owns some nice housing close to campus but they leave most of it empty because planners want to tear down all the historic and affordable housing. UO has a rather corrupt and secretive development and expansion agenda. There is more about that here:

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