Posted by: David Stewart | November 2, 2009

When am I supposed to run?

When tell people that I’m training for a marathon in December, people sometime give me a funny look. How can I manage to have a family, a demanding job, develop spiritually and give back to the community, and put in the serious mileage required for running 26.2 miles?

Oh, and what if I want to maybe goof off sometimes?

What people don’t get is that achieving balance in all areas of life doesn’t mean you go all out in every area all the time. It’s like a balloon – sometimes one side gets squeezed, and another has to pooch out. If all of them were to squeeze at once, it wouldn’t be pleasant.

What makes this marathon so special is that I’m working with a coach specifically to get my act together and qualify for the Boston Marathon in April, 2010.  This requires much more serious focus on my running than I have ever given it.

In normal times, if I miss a run here or there because life intrudes, I don’t worry about it. But right now, I’m in the final weeks before the December 6 race, and I feel compelled to hit every run.

Take this weekend for example. Here is the instruction I got for my coach for my Saturday run:

Sa        Long Run (aerobic, 17-18 miles) targeting sitting in at 8:30-20 pace (not faster).

In case this isn’t clear, he wants me to run 17 or 18 miles at aerobic pace, which will take about 2 1/2 hours.  But unfortunately, I’ll be in downtown Seattle this weekend,  trying to fit in time with my daughter and attend a workshop.

It’s like trying to fit 100 pounds of lard into a 50 pound bag.

Something’s gotta give.


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