Posted by: David Stewart | November 11, 2009

“V” is for…

Last week, US television launched a new series called “V”, which is a remake of a series from the 80s. The premise is that aliens (the Visitors) have come to planet earth in mammoth spaceships and they have nefarious plans for humanity. Like “Independence Day”, but without the immediate extermination.

I was excited when I saw the promos for the show come up, because the new “V” looked like a major quality upgrade from the old version.

Two weeks into the show’s run:

  • Because the Visitors appear to be both extremely powerful and benevolent, there is an interesting spirituality theme in the show. Should people assume that the Visitors are our saviors? Or should we question their motives more closely?  In a review of V, Christianity Today talks to the power of devotion, and how a man of faith grapples with it. Worth a read.
  • The Visitors look and behave identical to humans and pose as humans. Deb commented that this parallels with the remake of “Battlestar Galactica”.  Like the Visitors, the Cylons have inserted themselves into humanity, raising the paranoia level that people you thought you could trust is in reality an enemy.
  • Recent events have made this “Trust Nobody” paranoia more personal for us in the US, with an Army doctor committing mass murder. What a sad coincidence.
  • It was fun that the new “V” debuted just two days before November 5, which is Guy Fawkes Day, which calls to mind another “V” in the popular culture with “V for Vendetta”. In this case, another “V” is the hero in the fight against tyranny, another theme from the TV show.
  • It’s really fun to see some of the actors from Fox’s “Firefly” and the movie version, “Serenity”, playing in totally different kinds of roles.

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