Posted by: David Stewart | November 16, 2009

“You’re ready!”

Milestones moments. I think I just had one.

Think about those times in your life when you prepared yourself and worked towards a goal. The goal has not been achieved yet, but it’s in sight.

When my daughters walked forward to get their high school diplomas, I knew they hadn’t “arrived”. It was like my own high school graduation. There were many more milestones to come. They might even (perish the thought) stumble before the next milestone. But there is a sense that someone (in this case, the school district) is saying: “You’re ready!”

Many couples stand before the minister or magistrate and declare their intent for a life-long marriage commitment. If the pastor or priest has done their job right, they have spoken with the couple and assessed their seriousness of intent and ability to commit. Although many marriages end in divorce or unhappiness, that promise, sealed with a kiss, is an affirmation: “You’re ready!”

Maybe it’s the driver’s test or the training certification.  Perhaps it is as humble as the food handler’s license. No guarantee of success, but someone has basically said it: “You’re ready!”

I just completed another 20 mile run over the weekend, leading up to a marathon on December 6. And sent my times and heart rates to my coach.

My goal this time is as clear as I can make it: to qualify for the Boston Marathon. This requires me to run 26.2 miles in under three hours and thirty minutes.

After looking at the weekend’s numbers, and using my latest aerobic testing results, my coach’s mail said those two magic words: “You’re ready!”

So much could go wrong in the next three weeks. I could get a serious injury or an illness. On the day of the race, I could have a gastric problem or the weather could turn nasty. (Or the darn Boston Marathon could fill up, I suppose). No guarantees. But at least, I’m ready.


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