Posted by: David Stewart | December 8, 2009

How CIM fits with my marathon track record

I have been keeping track of my lifetime marathon finishes. Here is the latest, updated version, based on the results from Sunday:

Lifetime Marathon Personal Records

So far, the trend is on a positive line for the past few years. Some lowlights:

  • My Personal Worst is the Baltimore Marathon in October 2001 (yes, just after September 11). This was the inaugural year for the race, the course was very hilly. And, oh yeah, I had walked the Portland Marathon with Deb just three weeks before.
  • My next worst came in May 2005 in the Fort Collins Old Town Marathon. In spite of the 2000 foot elevation drop, the high altitudes, high winds and my not being ready for the race really affected my times.
  • There is a gap from December 2006 to October 2008, why no marathon? It’s because I attempted the Newport Marathon in June 2007 but only completed half of it – my first DNF. The injury was a tough one to get over.

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