Posted by: David Stewart | December 18, 2009

The hardest week of the year

Mom always said there would be days like this.

But for me, it was the week which ended on November 13, 2009. There seemed a daily competition for what would bring us down that week.

  • We had to put our elderly cat to sleep. She had been suffering from kidney failure and finally stopped being able to function.
  • The overhead lights failed in our kitchen in a dramatic fizzling way, and replacing the bulbs or flipping the breaker didn’t fix it.
  • One of us accidentally ripped the bumper off of our new car – while backing out of the garage!
  • Reorg time coming at work, and it’s sounding like vast (and unknown) job changes ahead.
  • What’s with this letter from the IRS? Oh, they’re auditing us!
  • Friday the 13th came and went
  • The Boston marathon registration filled up on the 13th, meaning that the race that I was running in three weeks in order to qualify was kind of a moot point.
  • And perhaps the hardest is a thing I can’t even write about because I don’t have permission to disclose the details. But needless to say, it rocked the personal foundations of my wife and I in a profound way.

Needless to say, by the time the letter came from the IRS, I was starting to chuckle. How many more things could go wrong?  Evidently, a few more were to come.

So from the perspective of five weeks later, I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for many of these:

  • Overhead light failure was due to some wires which had come loose. Our good friend Georgio Shaunette came over and fixed it for us, for which we are indeed grateful.
  • The bumper snapped back on the car, and you can’t really tell there was a problem. (No super glue needed!)
  • The reorg has happened, and I think it might be a net positive, though there are many clarifying questions still.
  • The IRS wanted to send them receipts for our charitable deductions. Apparently, claiming 10% of your gross taxable income as gifts to charity is something they don’t quite believe, though it’s not the first year for us.
  • Although the Boston Marathon was and is still full for 2010, I was able to qualify under my current age range, and it’s good for the 2011 race as well.

It’s not like everything is happy-happy. Our cat is still dead. We have not totally resolved our other serious issues. We have not heard back from the IRS, and maybe we won’t ever hear from them.

But we are still loved. Our trust in God is strong. And we get to trust him a little more in the dark times.


  1. Glad to have talked a bit while all the stuff was fresh and to also read this as God has worked in the midst of it.

  2. This week in another blog the author wrote, “coincidence is NOT “God’s way of remaining anonymous.” We all know who did it. We all know who’s at work. And it isn’t us. Coincidence is God’s nametag.”

    Isn’t it nice to be Presbyterian and know God’s in charge. Shame about the cat though. I’ve got a 15 year old that gives us some issues too.

    BTW the blog was!%29&utm_content=Google+Feedfetcher

  3. Thanks @Tyler and @Alan!

  4. […] last sentence was pronounced on us during the worst week of the year that I wrote about earlier. It came amidst so much other raw news that my reaction at the time was […]

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