Posted by: David Stewart | December 19, 2009

An upgrade for the morning grind

I’m usually not much of an early adopter when it comes to new business or technology. I’m pretty conservative, particularly when it comes to spending money. Imagine my surprise when I discover an “up and coming business” two days before the Oregonian writes it up.

A couple of months ago, I got a fantastic deal on an espresso machine from Laura. It was a major upgrade for my coffee making – for years, my high-test brew was courtesy of a stove-top model, which cost less than $30.

But I was pretty disappointed with the job my coffee grinder was doing. Even on its finest setting, my burr grinder wasn’t cutting it – it was making too course a grind and the shots were coming out too weak.

Enter John Sonnenschein (@johnnysonshine on Twitter), probably the coffee geek I know the best. He recommended a Baratza Virtuoso.

I was thinking, OK, this is a lot of money for a coffee grinder, but people do say that the grind makes a huge difference to the quality of the coffee. What’s the point of having a good coffee maker if you don’t like the result? And, the espresso machine has become a good friend for my 5AM morning runs.

I was hoping to buy it on Amazon and use a bunch of gift cards that I needed to use up before they expired. But I got upset because the gift cards were not working out on Amazon. Could I find the gear in Portland?

Enter Google who turned me on to Clive Coffee. It turns out that there is an internet retailer in town who carry a really good selection of coffee-making equipment. They’re set up in a warehouse in Southeast Portland, and I got a nice discount for picking up the grinder in person, plus a nice bag of coffee to boot.

And the grinder is fantastic – it grinds fine espresso to a course french press. Success! Thanks, John!

Imagine my surprise this morning to see Clive Coffee and its owner mentioned in the Oregonian business section as an up and coming business. In fact, the guy who sold me the grinder is the owner. I would highly recommend them for coffee beans and equipment.



  1. Hi David,
    Thanks for the kind recommendation! It was a pleasure to help you find the right grinder for your needs.
    Take care and stop by sometime for a macchiato!

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