Posted by: David Stewart | December 22, 2009

K-tacos in Portland

A little foodie, a little social media, and all Portland.

Just tried my first Korean Burrito from the Koi Fusion food cart in Portland. I’m an unfortunate connoisseur of the quick burrito scarffed down behind the wheel. I know it’s a bad habit, but sometimes when I’m racing between meetings in my car, a Baja Fresh burrito while I’m driving is the only way to get dinner, and I have become a pro at keeping the drippings off of my clothes, particularly at the end of the wrap.

Koi Fusion is a Portland food cart that melds Korean BBQ within the traditional taco delivery mechanism. It’s like the most distinct ethnic meat flavoring choice (Korean)crossed with the most cliche food cart theme imaginable (the taco truck).

They have also successfully leveraged the social media angle, particularly Twitter, to bring in customers. How do you find where the Koi Fusion truck is parked? Your best bet is to follow them on Twitter (where you find them at They will tweet the day’s location, which also serves as a good reminder to visit them.

The burrito itself:

  • The meat is the star – short rib meat marinated in spices, cooked in the bol go gi style and finely chopped.
  • Other flavors and textures come to the party with onion, cucumber and a bit of cilantro.
  • Rice and the surrounding soft tortilla are the only other nods to traditional Mexican cooking.

In other words, a major step up from a Baja Chicken Burrito. Unfortunately they are usually in downtown Portland, which makes it hard for me to nip by for a bite. (They have started a second cart occasionally at Reser’s on the west side, but that’s still a drive from my work home at Intel.)


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