Posted by: David Stewart | December 24, 2009

A Christmas Miracle

Offered, for your consideration, a little miracle of kindness and convergence in this Christmas season.

I landed in Denver International Airport last night in a snowstorm. Temperatures in the teens, wind whipping the snow.  My wife crept out to the airport in our Honda CR-V at 30 MPH.

And no wiper fluid.

Well, actually there was fluid in the tank. It had simply frozen. Making driving in a town where they spread copious quantities of de-icing chemicals quite a problem. She could drive for about 10 minutes and then the view became nearly impossible.

She made it to the airport, and we crept over to my sister’s house in Aurora. But it was pretty dangerous.

Christmas Eve morning dawned clear and cold – 7 degrees. Still no wiper fluid. So we pulled into a Honda dealership to see if they could help us out.

It was an hour before they closed for the day, and there were no cars waiting, so they took our car in and told us it would take them about an hour to thaw it out.

But 20 minutes later, they called us over and everything was working fine. No charge! And the name of the service guy who helped us?

It was Jesus!

Yeah, OK, it’s probably pronounced “Hey soos”, but it was an awfully nice convergence with the season.  As we pulled out of the Honda dealership and headed down the road, I pulled on the washer and we got a nice stream of washer fluid. Deb was heard to exclaim:

“Thank you Jesus!  …and Hey soos!”



  1. Fun post!

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