Posted by: David Stewart | December 30, 2009

Raclette. Traditional Swiss thing

Raclette. Traditional Swiss thing, originally uploaded by davest.

raclette is peasant food

Edited to add: We went to my Dad’s place for dinner before I came home to Portland. Dinner was “Raclette” which was totally new to me.

As my quick cell-phone note above says, Raclette is Swiss peasant food. Here are a few more details:

Raclette is a table-top apparatus with two levels, both of which are heated electrically. On the top level is a dish of little potatoes. The bottom level is home to a number of slots which fit little “shovels”. Everyone gets their own shovel. You put on a thin slice of meat and cheese on your shovel and slap it in a slot, where you leave it until it bubbles. Then slide the warm gooey mixture onto your taters, add a pickle or something and feast away!

It seems conceptually close to fondue, which is also a a Swiss invention, just with fewer oils. We agreed afterward that the meal was a total Atkins affair, but nice from the standpoint of sharing a meal that you cook together, like fondue or Chinese hot-pot.


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