Posted by: David Stewart | January 3, 2010

My chance to write the script

Imagine if you were to die tonight, and someone was assigned to write a movie script about your life story.

Let me stop right there and confess that nobody would be interested in a biography about my life. Maybe you are someone with a very compelling life story, and if so I congratulate you. But I don’t suspect that my life story would sell any movie tickets, since my mom has passed away.

This is exactly the situation Donald Miller found himself in, but he was still alive. He got the chance to see his life through someone else’s eyes and realized that the story wasn’t very compelling or even very interesting.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is Miller’s latest book about how all of our lives are stories being written by us. The subtitle for the book is “What I Learned While Editing My Life” and gives insights into what makes a a life into a good story and how we have the opportunity to make our lives into stories that will compel and inspire others.

I first encountered Miller in Blue Like Jazz and loved this amazing collection of life experiences. Million Miles has that same flavor: a mixture of his own experiences and those of others, set in Portland, Oregon’s cooler neighborhoods.  It doesn’t read like a self-help book, but l found myself staring at the reflection of my own life and realizing that I need to do more to write a better story.

I highly recommend Million Miles – it will stretch your heart and soul as it entertains and challenges.


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