Posted by: David Stewart | January 18, 2010

Avatar: Take Two

I got a chance to watch Avatar again last night with Laura and had some other insights:

  • Unfortunately, in the year 2154, people still smoke cigarettes, we still have Marines, and we’re still sending them to war in countries with large petroleum reserves, particularly Venezuela and Nigeria. You pick these up as throwaway lines to help flesh out these characters. But you would think that 144 years from now we wouldn’t need oil any more and certainly wouldn’t need to send in the Marines to secure it. And are we still smoking then?
  • I was struck by how both human and alien technologies assume the ability to hard-wire brains together. But the human system is more advanced since it’s wireless! But wiring up your brain to your deity sounds a little too Woodstock for this child of the 60s.
  • The call of the wild, the idea of “let’s get back to our primitive roots” is so ironic. If everyone got back to nature, like the Na’vi, we would be unable to produce movies as slick as Avatar.
  • And, how would I look as an avatar?

(In case the object above isn’t playing correctly in your browser, here is a static photo of it. Do you think it looks like me?):



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