Posted by: David Stewart | March 13, 2010

King of the Geeks

Well, this pretty much says it all:

2010 OSTS

Last week, I attended a "summit". This is something our company does occasionally to get our act together on some topic. We have smart people distributed all over the planet and in spite of all of the amazing collaboration availlable from the Internet, there is no replacement for being face to face for getting stuff done.

The photo above is of one of the guests of honor at this summit, Linus Torvalds, perhaps one of the most famous technology experts alive today. So we did have a few select guests from outside of our company, but predominently it was an internal only event. Linus is wearing a shirt which reads "King of the Geeks."

2010 OSTS

There were lots of technical sessions by other experts, many of which were amazingly information-dense, like the above presentation by Keith Packard.

The location was Skamania Lodge, which is a traditional northwest lodge perched in the Columbia River Gorge on the Washington State side of the river.

2010 OSTS

But of course, since we had a flock of geeks there, some beautiful views drew a gaggle of techies with their digital cameras and cell phones snapping away.

2010 OSTS

It was overall a fun event, not so much from the “official” party events but from the fun which comes from when like-minded people  get together at a great location with marvelous food and the chance to hang out with each other.

OSTS 2010

2010 OSTS

And the time was amazingly productive. One of our managers who lives in England felt like he got a week’s work done in just an afternoon, because of the ability to connect with people.

More photos at my flickr set:

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