Posted by: David Stewart | April 12, 2010

The Oregon Symphony Knows You’re There

Once again, there are dangers of posting bits of your life on the Internet. You never know who might be reading it. You might get called out in public for doing it.

Some public figures have discovered this by twittering negative comments about a city they are visiting, and discovering that the locals are reading their nasty comments, and are complaining about it loudly in their next public appearance. Oops!

Saturday night, Deb and I were going out on a date to the Oregon Symphony performance with Pinchas Zucharman at the podium. This is nothing too unusual for us – we have had season tickets to the symphony since around 1984 or so. As amateur musicians, we love the music and the chance to get dressed up sometimes.

Late in the afternoon, Deb offered, “I might wear my LBD tonight.” For the great unwashed masses in the audience, the Little Black Dress is a staple of female formal wear. So I said, “Great, I can wear my tux!”

At the last minute, I asked Laura to snap a photo with my Nexus One phone, and I sent it off to auto-post to this blog and to Flickr.

This was about 5:20PM, and by 7:30PM the lights came down in the theater. As usual, Elaine Calder, the Symphony president came out on stage to make some announcements and whatnot. Part of her comments included the following:

“There is a well-dressed couple in the audience tonight named Dave and Deb.” Gulp, who is she talking about? “And they posted their picture on their blog tonight.” Deb and I are now looking at each other. “We love for you to post about us on your blog. But not during the concert. Those screens really annoy people.”

So, be careful what you post of your life on the Internet. You can discover that people may be watching what you’re doing!

Deb and I going to the symphony


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