Posted by: David Stewart | April 29, 2010

Come on, it’s only 3 miles

Last year,  I ran the Cinco de Mayo 5K race in Portland. It was the first time I ran a 5,000 Meter race, and did it because I had just started working with my coach, Mark Kendall at SpeedSHOT racing. He had done a VO2Max test on his treadmill, but wanted me to do an actual road race to validate the results of the test on actual road conditions.

The results? I came in second in my age group, running a 22:57 race which means I had a 7:23 average pace per mile. OK, not so bad for my first attempt. I also came in at number 9 for the top 10 masters males.

This year, I’m running the race again because my coach wants me to run this as another evaluation race, in preparation for the Sauvie Island Flat Half on the fourth of July. He thinks I can run this 13.1 mile race with a 7:15 average pace per mile.

The goal of this Sunday’s 5K: coach thinks I can run a 7:00 pace. I’d like to see if I can do even better and run a sub twenty minute race.

How about those other masters? Well, it’s quite a bit harder this year. After all, Joe Dudman is now in my age group, and he wasn’t last year. Joe Dudman? The artist behind Joe’s Toes? Blogging author on Oregonlive’s Run Oregon blog? The guy who came in #2 overall for the entire race last year?  Something tells me, unless Joe falls off of Barber Blvd, he will win the age group and might win the race outright.

But, hey, it’s about achieving my goals, not about who else I’m competing against, right? When you run the race, do you care who else is on the course? Or is it more about the time you are shooting for?

OK, as Deb says, “It’s only 3 miles” so what’s the big deal?


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