Posted by: David Stewart | May 22, 2010

Strong women

My two daughters are now adults by almost any measure. They are evidently as different as night and day. This sometimes seems to be their conscious intent.

  • When one intensely dislikes a TV show or a movie, the other seems to fall in love with it.
  • They naturally have very different temperaments; for example, one took a pretty relaxed approach to high school academics and the other took the opposite approach.
  • For many years, they each seemed to gravitate to a different parent.
  • If you asked them, they would claim that they were absolutely different and distinct from each other. Which is how it should be, I suppose.

But my wife and I were chuckling a bit the other day about how similar they are in some things.

In particular, they are both brilliant, they don’t take any guff from anyone. And they are both passionate about women’s issues.

I forwarded a top 10 science fiction authors list to one of them this week, not because I agree with all of them, but because I like several of the authors. Not unexpectedly, she complained fiercely about the lack of female authors on the list, like Ursula K. LeGuin and Mary Shelly.

And the other? She is majoring in Women’s Studies at a small liberal arts college. I got wind of some pretty fierce arguments with some of the less enlightened men who claim lack of bias and lack of disempowerment.

Of course I’m proud of them! We always hoped to have children who would have opinions of their own, who would be independent thinkers and stand up for their beliefs.

They come by it naturally – their mom is a powerful, intelligent, creative thinker. Beyond that, my two sisters are both strong women in typically male-dominated occupations. They are of course much more alike than they would ever admit. And yes, they do get on each others’ nerves on occasion. Not surprisingly – I live in a family of strong women. But hey, I think I can hold my own.


  1. You do, indeed, have remarkably strong, gifted and talented women in your family. It is pleasing that you delight in this! By the way, you’re not wimpy yourself! Talented and gifted, as well! You and your family rock!

  2. Thanks, Melinda. You have stuck by us through think and thin. I appreciate you a lot!

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