Posted by: David Stewart | June 16, 2010

Technology, Perfected

I was talking with my friend Giorgio the other day, about one of our favorite subjects: Technology. Yes, G-Man (as I call him) can geek out sometimes with me, although he is way too cool to be called a geek.

G-man and I were thinking about how far some technology has come over the years, but how far it has to go. The latest and coolest smart phone, computer or software seems really fantastic and shiny when you first play with it. But in time, there is always a newer and shinier version coming around the corner.

I have a friend at work named Josh, who is a total gadget geek (in fact, he was described by the Portland Oregonian as the “Geek of geeks”). Today, Josh’s favorite toy is some iPad thingy, but a year ago, he was deeply in love with his Amazon Kindle.

So here I am talking with G-man, as we’re standing in my kitchen, sipping a nice Oregon pinot noir (I think it was a Cooper Mountain 20th Anniversary Pinot in fact). And it dawns on me – even some of the oldest technology is still not perfected.

Take wine, for example. This is absolutely tech of the most artistic type: yes, there is agri-tech involved in growing and harvesting the grapes. But there is a lot of high tech that goes into the process of crushing, fermenting and aging the juice. And this is tech that has been practiced by humans for thousands of years.

But far from being perfect, this tech keeps maturing. Sometimes, it’s the application of some new biochemical praxis. Often though, it’s discovering what some old wine masters used to practice centuries ago.

Is the wine of today considerably better than the wine of 2000 years ago? I’m not sure we can know. But every year it changes, and my favorite of a few years ago can become undrinkable.

No. No tech will ever be perfect.



  1. ‘Tis not the destination, but the journey that bring joy.

    To the chase! 🙂

  2. So far the chase has been something people are willing to pay me for, so I’m not complaining!

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