Posted by: David Stewart | July 4, 2010

A new personal record, but clearly more work to do

Most of life, even the good times, can be viewed as achieving some things, but missing out on others. Some goals accomplished, others still hoped for. It’s pretty rare that we achieve all we could ever hope for.

Today I ran the race people around here call the “Sauvie Island Half”, but it’s official name is the “Foot Traffic Flat” because it includes both a full marathon and a half (13.1 miles).

Last March, when I ran Portland’s 15K Shamrock run in an average of 7 minutes and 20 seconds per mile, my coach commented that he thought I could run Sauvie Island in a 7:15 pace. “Really?” “Yes, it’s only another 20 minutes more of running.”

Well, between then and now, during serious hill training and speed work, I injured my ham string and had a few business trips. So my training was not ideal.

The course is pretty seriously flat, a circuit around the island which is about 20 minutes northwest of downtown Portland. Today’s weather was perfect for a race – in the low 50s to start with, although the sun did come out a little towards the end of my run. (A friend saw me at the end and said I looked pretty much drenched in sweat).

I was in pretty good pace in the first half of the race, but the last miles started falling off pretty badly.

I ran the race in a 7:29 pace, pretty far off of the 7:15 I wanted. This was a personal best by about two minutes, the previous best set last January at the Vancouver Lake Half at a 7:40 pace.

I need to download my data and pick it apart, but clearly I have a little work to do.



  1. I’ve run the Sauvie Flat Half three times and have the exact same experience as you every time (even though at much slower pace, of course). I do just fine until about mile 8 or so. And then fall apart. Don’t know what it is, but it’s really consistent for me.

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