Posted by: David Stewart | July 13, 2010

Verdict on the Holiday Inn Express Meilong: Fail

I’m staying this week in China on trip number 30 to the region. I had heard about a brand new hotel that is considerably closer to the site I normally visit in Shanghai. It has a lot of attraction:

  • My usual hotel is three time further away. This means travel time reduces from 50 minutes down to 15 and costs are considerably better for travel
  • The usual hotel is about three times the cost, give or take, depending on the options.

So I thought such a “3X” hotel would be worth it to check out. Unfortunately, there are a few issues:

  • The room has free high speed internet on a cable. But there is only one telephone in the room, and it is at the opposite side from where the cable is. So this means if I have an early morning phone meeting I need to attend, I can’t be online to look at documents and the like. This is a major fail!
  • Breakfast is included, the usual international buffet. Well, it’s really someone’s idea of a buffet. The choices are probably fine for someone who is Chinese, but the western choices are not good. No skim milk for cereal is the biggest problem for me. This is fine for a day or so, but for a week it is a tiresome. Another miss!
  • It’s the middle of summer, but the air conditioning in the room is not strong. I complained to the management and they made it marginally better. But I have woken up every night in a sweat. Bad new!
  • It’s a petty annoyance, but there are no tissues in the bathroom.

There are a few plusses though:

  • The room is clean, and there is bottled water available for brushing teeth. (I only bring these up because I have actually stayed at some hotels where this is not the case).

So, I’m not very happy, and I don’t think I will come back.


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