Posted by: David Stewart | July 19, 2010

Unique things you can do to your boring cubicle

Our office floor is currently being renovated, so the company moved my group over to another building temporarily. Although the new offices are supposed to be pretty fancy, I really like the temp space.  Here it is, with a few members of my group chatting in the hallway. Note the nice sunny expanse of windows, unusual for our normally windowless lives:

New temp office

Being in a new building also gives us a new perspective on the little personal touches people put on their fabric-walled open-top coffins. Here’s a tiki theme to this one:Tiki cube

And how about this castle cube, clearly someone being a bit protective:Castle cube

But this design really takes an award in my book: Japanese cube

Note the Japanese torii (gate), lanterns and rice paper door. So this cubicle denizen actually has the ability to close the door on their space. Nice!


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