Posted by: David Stewart | July 24, 2010

All for a little hot weather, and complaints thereof

Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it” – old joke

Those of us in the Portland, Oregon area have been having a really odd summer. Unseasonably cool temperatures, rain, record low “high” temperatures. People complained long and hard about our “June-uary” even though of course it wasn’t as cold as January usually gets, it was still pretty nasty.

Now of course, we’re getting a couple of days of hot weather. So there really is no room for complaining, right?

Boo-ya – complaints coming.

I am gearing up for my next marathon, the St. George Marathon on October 2. So I did a 15 mile run today with Portland Fit’s Green group. Our head coach, Paula Harkin is trying to teach some of our jackrabbit runners to pace themselves in long runs and know when to turn it on. So she advised us to run 4 miles at our aerobic pace, do 5 miles at marathon race pace, and then the remainder slow again.

We had a nice romp through Northeast Portland’s Grant Park neighborhood, then up a nice tree-lined boulevard called Ainsworth before running the last four miles of the Portland Marathon route.

My aerobic pace is about 8 minutes per mile, and I want to run my next marathon at a 7:40 pace. So I was planning for a nice little romp with a little hard running in the middle.

But the last few miles of the marathon course are all exposed and cement through a North Portland commercial district. Usually fine in October, it’s a hot trough in July. Particularly in the 80s. So I felt like the end of the run was a real drag. I figured it must have been just me, perhaps the fact that this was my longest run since the July 4th half marathon I ran.

But everyone I talked to – the rest of the Green group, other friends – all had a tough and hot day. Someone said it was about the hardest run they could remember.

All for a little heat. OK, complaints over now.

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