Posted by: David Stewart | August 11, 2010

Kids and BlackBerry’s

My things don’t define me. I try to follow the maxim: Use things and love people, rather than use people and love things.

But on a little flight Tuesday down to Silicon Valley, I was caught up for a moment in how some bystanders on the flight might view me and evaluate me based on my clothing or the things that I have on my person, like my laptop or other things. Kind of disturbing, actually, but true.

Until recently, I have to admit to being more of an observer of smart phone use, rather than an actual user. Then all of a sudden, I my life got switched on to two different smart phones: a BlackBerry Bold and a Google Nexus One running Android.

The contrast couldn’t be more stark. BlackBerry is the professionals professional phone and the Android phone has all the fun and play.

But with the release of the BlackBerry Torch, I heard that a lot of kids prefer BlackBerry’s to other smart phones.

Really? This seems crazy to me. Why?

Reportedly, it’s because BlackBerry’s have physical keys, rather than a touch screen keyboard. With physical keys, you can type a lot faster. And since texting is central to kids and their communication these days, fast typing is mandatory.

My experience with the Bold is that it’s not better than the touch screen keyboard on the Android phone.

  • With physical keys, there is supposed to be no doubt that you have typed a particular letter or number.
  • But the keys are so teeny tiny that I have trouble with my big fingers hitting the right keys.
  • The delete key is right above the enter key, which means sometimes I want to erase a letter in my text message and I accidentally “send” it instead.
  • Even dialing the phone is hard, because the number keys are squeezed into letter keys.

Yes, you can load apps onto the BlackBerry, but the app store experience, finding and installing apps, really needs improvement. It’s painful.

But hey, the BlackBerry is the Barak Obama phone, so it’s got to be cool!



  1. “A phone we can believe in.” Lol

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