Posted by: David Stewart | August 17, 2010

Having a swell time with a side of RICE

Getting RICE jammed down my throat


Usually I can tell when an injury or illness calls for the services of my chiropractor or my regular doctor.  They don’t tend to really trust each other, so if I call it wrong, it’s really inefficient.

So I "presented" as they say with a swollen ankle and some sore points. I was diagnosed with a 2nd-degree sprain, and had it wrapped and was told to ice it.

But after a few days, the swelling wasn’t down. So I was sent to get X-rays to see if was a break.

No break, and no decreased swelling. So after a week of chiropractic care, I decided to switch to the regular doctor.

Her diagnosis was "overuse injury" and "aggressive treatment". Which just amounts to:

Rest – don’t do any running on it and use it sparingly
Ice – put ice on it at least four times a day
Compress – wrap it up an ace bandage
Elevate – raise up the ankle over my heart

… so use the RICE method of treatment, plus take a full course of Alieve.

This was really frustrating because I had been doing these things already, but she wasn’t convinced I had been doing it aggressively and I should do it for at least ten days.

"I haven’t told you anything you didn’t already know." Great, thanks.

There are a couple of other complications that she is checking out, but basically I was told the same thing I already know about self-treating running injuries. And, likely, have a $200 bill coming my way!



  1. Sorry, friend. I hope that you find resolution and healing soon.

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