Posted by: David Stewart | September 21, 2010

Percent of Effort: about Five-Oh

To serve and protect … and punch out tourists

It’s been fun recently, seeing the television shows of my childhood rehashed, remade and "rebooted":

  • Star Trek – rebooted as a movie with a new cast, retelling the origin story of the original characters. If the original was like classical music, the reboot is like rock and roll.
  • Battlestar Galactica – the original was pure space opera; the new version was dark and brooding
  • The A-Team – Oh well, not all remakes are better than the original
  • Hawaii Five-Oh – Book ’em, Dan-Oh

Last night’s pilot episode of Five-Oh was actually not very good I’m afraid:

  • Include stylistic elements from the original, like many elements copied from the opening theme, to draw in the curious oldsters who remember the original
  • Let’s cast two hot Asian actors from recently concluded hit TV series (Lost and Galactica) to draw in the younger demographic. How cynical can we get?
  • The pacing and camera work is constantly (and unnecessarily) frenetic. A quiet team meeting must be intercut with constant breaks, as if to force views with attention deficit to pay attention rather than go to sleep

Origin stories are hard – you need to build in character and story introductions while executing on a coherent and self-contained story. But each element is given such a short beat that the whole thing seemed rushed.

To quickly establish one of the characters as "tough", we see her punch a tourist in the face who invaded on her surfing wave. Let’s ignore for a moment that a police officer hitting a civilian and knocking them down with little provocation with no consequences sets up the cop as abusive, but I’m sure the State of Hawaii loved seeing tourists get the beat down from the natives.



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