Posted by: David Stewart | September 22, 2010

How to win an age group award – Corporate Division

Short version: 3rd lifetime 5K, 2nd AG, 5th Masters male, 15th overall, 21:00 minutes, 6:46 pace per mile, a Personal Record

Intel run finish line

My company hosted a "fun run" today. To me, a fun run is when you just get out and run and nobody cares who wins or loses. But something else is clearly at work here:

  • Chip timing
  • A race expo with such companies as Fit Right Northwest and Pop Chips
  • Technical running shirts
  • Three-deep age group awards and awards for top three men, women and masters

Yeah, that’s not a "fun run." There is a little seriousness here.

So I strategically chose the 5K race rather than the 10K, since I figured the faster runners might want to do the longer race.

 Intel run - aftermath

The race was well attended, and there were plenty of decent runners in the 5K. The setting was the Hillsboro Stadium, and the weather was perfect. I wore my singlet and arm warmers (which Deb calls my "sock puppets") but I could have skipped the arm warmers.

Intel run - Band and finish line

There was a reasonably good band both before the race and for the after-race. So for my own run?  It was OK.

Age group medel, Intel 5K

I actually started thinking at one point that I might actually win the race itself. That is, until the race started. There was just no way I could keep up with the winners, who averaged under a 6 minute mile.

But the second place finisher was in my same age group, so my medal says on the back:

1st Place Male 50-54 5K

Nice. It was a PR for me, but a really flat course. And it’s only my third lifetime 5K race. I would love to finish under 20 minutes at some point, but this would require a full 20 seconds per mile faster. That’s significant.

My battery was dead in my Garmin GPS, so I had no idea how fast I was running during the race.

I’m a little embarrassed to have set a PR, since my training this summer has been pretty bad due to injury. Maybe it bodes well for the marathon in two weeks, also known as "a very long training run"



  1. Great Job. It was a fun race. My wife and I both placed in our age groups!
    We have been looking for the results, where did you find them?

  2. Good job, Jarod!

    Results for the 5K are at

    … and the 10K results are at

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