Posted by: David Stewart | October 29, 2010

A fine day in the "frozen North"

Newcastle upon Tyne is a large industrial city in the far north of England. In fact, it’s as far north as you can go without being in Scotland.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Newcastle juxtaposes – many things. The Medieval with the Victorian with the Modern. Industrial workers and university thinkers. Note how the towns old Norman castle runs right up against a Victorian era railroad bridge. In fact, the Victorians built the bridge between the castle and its moat.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Thanks to renewal areas, Newcastle’s old dock area is now a lovely promenade by the River Tyne, with cultural areas and a unique "blinking eye" pedestrian bridge.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

On one side of the River is Newcastle and on the other is Gateshead, which I heard has a bit of a rivalry with its cousin.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Newcastle has several distinct types of architecture and even a significant remnant of its ancient city wall.  There were a couple of oddities as well.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

The Earl Grey for whom the tea is named is commemorated by this impressive monument on the top of the hill in downtown Newcastle. The other was a "vampire rabbit" whose story wasn’t known to me. The bunny is perched on top of a building, perhaps to guard it.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


Newcastle is accessible by an international airport, or by train from London and elsewhere. The train is super fast and clean. The London side of the train is at King’s Cross Station, just across the street from St. Pancras Station, which I caught in the light of a beautiful morning.

St. Pancras Station, London


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