Posted by: David Stewart | November 2, 2010

Windswept Whitley Bay

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

On my recent trip to Cambridge, I spent the day in Newcastle upon Tyne in the far north of England to visit with my friend Richard. On the trip, Richard took me out to the east coast of Britain, about 10 miles from Newcastle to visit Whitley Bay, the town where he lives.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

This being October, there were not a lot of swimmers or sunbathers on this shore.  But there were people out enjoying this very beautiful day on the North Sea coast.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Richard is working on doing a major renovation of this house in Whitley Bay. You can see the bay window on the upper level, which will be his eventual home office when he gets it done. It’s a marvelous view straight out to the ocean, which is right across the street from his house.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

And down a bit of a cliff too. It can get a little wild when the weather blows.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

We also drove around to Tynemouth, England, which is at the mouth of the River Tyne. Here there are ruins of an old abbey which looks prime for exploration. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to clamber around it.

Afterwards, we dropped the car in Whitley Bay, took the metro into Newcastle, and had dinner in town, before catching our train to Cambridge.


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