Posted by: David Stewart | November 9, 2010

Why Twitter rules and Facebook drools

Interesting to me how Twitter and Facebook is the great divide in social networking. I suspect that you use one and tolerate the other, or you keep yourself out of the fight altogether and ignore them both.

Put me in the category of Twitter lovers.

· Twitter is so wonderfully simple. No relationship status, friend networks, security holes.

· Because Twitter is so simple, you can use it to build more complex and interesting applications

· Twitter feature additions are usually invented by the user community, and then adopted by the Twitter system. Take “@” replies and Re-tweets. These were both adopted by the world of Twitter users before the service ever supported them. That’s awesome – innovation at the edge is the way to go.

· Facebook is so complicated, with so many options and features that always needs to change how it behaves. Think about the security changes. Changes like this are usually just plain annoying and unnecessary for most users.

· The worst thing about Facebook of course is that it allows grotty things like Farmville or Mafia Wars to be hosted.

Advertizing these days tend to show both the Twitter icon and the Facebook icon. That’s because not everybody is as enlightened as us Twitter-lovers, I guess.

Even my two daughters are split into the two camps.



  1. Twitter is the best way for me to converse on a variety of topics and to get information the fastest. Facebook is a way to stay connected to friends/family (who aren’t on twitter) :).

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