Posted by: David Stewart | January 14, 2011

Zero to Boston in Three Months

Yesterday was a pretty big day for me. It was the first day my doctor said I could try running.

Wind the clock back to October, and I was having some severe abdominal pains which was really interfering with my running and starting to affect my non-running life. The doctor gave me a few hard choices, but it boiled down to have some surgery right away and be off of running for two months.

This was a tough pill to swallow. I was able to qualify for the Boston Marathon (by running a 3:29 time) and had entered the race to be run on Patriot’s Day, April 18, 2011.

But I decided to bite the bullet and have the procedure done on December 13.

But in my follow-up, the doc said I could start running again on January 13.

So that was yesterday, and the first run went pretty well. No pain from the surgery site, but clearly my aerobic fitness, leg strength, joint flexibility and core strength is greatly diminished. The runway from here (January 13) to Boston (April 18) is now clear.

13 weeks. About three months.

Is it possible to train and be ready in only 13 weeks for the Boston Marathon? Clearly I’m not trying to set any kind of personal record. I’m mostly interested in finishing the race and enjoying it. Most actual training programs are about 16 weeks, so with my basic core fitness, can I fit it in?

I need to construct a training plan with long runs, speed work, endurance runs and hill work. And most importantly, not kill myself or sustain a medical setback or some other injury which will sideline me further. Quite a tricky balance.


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